Fernand Lopez: “Francis Ngannou had to stop sparring with Ciryl Gane after having suffered a knee to the liver! “


Fernand Lopez agrees that the video of sparring between Ciryl Gane and Francis Ngannou did not give an exact portrait of the situation.

A video of an old sparring session between the two former training partners Ngannou (16-3) and Gane (10-0) during their days at MMA Factory, in Paris, has recently emerged, and the UFC heavyweight champion, Ngannou, was not happy to see the video edit.

Ngannou claims the clip was manipulated by his old Gym and it portrayed a false picture of what really happened.

Corn Lopez which has played an essential role in the development of Ngannou as a fighter, said via Mma junkie that the word “manipulation” is a bad term used by Ngannou :

“No one used this video in an attempt to make him look bad or look good,” Lopez said first.

“It doesn’t matter what streak you decide to show, if you don’t show the whole workout, be an hour of sparring, if you don’t put it all online, there’s someone going to say:”

“Oh, you put the part where I didn’t look good.” “

“There was no manipulation of the video as Francis says. Manipulation means you change the speed of the video, and make it look slow when Ciryl looks fast. There is manipulation if you close the video when I look bad, whereas earlier I was doing very well. “

Lopez added :

“I didn’t even think that during this streak Ciryl had the advantage to be honest with you. We can see in this video that many times he was hit by Francis, he was hit by an uppercut, so I don’t understand his point of view. “

Lopez revealed that the rest of the video would have shown Ngannou look even worse, but that he didn’t see fit to do so while the interim champion Gane is preparing for its unification fight with Ngannou during the main event, at UFC 270 on January 22:

“I think this video showed exactly how the training session went,” Lopez added.

“During training, the fighters move forward and backward. “

“Ciryl Gane is being honest and he said on the sparring video:”

“I think I looked good during the session since we fought in a slow tempo and when it’s a slow tempo, without throwing power shots, it becomes a tactical fight so I look good,” Gane said.

“But at the end of the video, you can ask Francis, he was hit with a knee… He was hit with a knee in the liver and he sat on the ground and the fight was literally stopped during that. day of sparring session. “

“I have the recording, but I don’t want to publish it since I’m not here to say: Do you think that by showing a video of a guy knocking someone out in training, than that mean he’s going to be a winner in the fight? No, I don’t think so. ”

“If the MMA Factory community manager had tried to make him look bad, they would have shown the video where Ciryl Gane tried to get him to his feet after Ngannou suffered a knee injury to the liver; he sat down against the wall, and he couldn’t keep fighting any more. “

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