Cooler Master unveils purple thermal paste

Cooler Master has unveiled a new color for an existing product: CryoFuze Violet is high-end thermal paste, but in purple.

CryoFuze Violet was previously teased on Cooler Master’s Twitter account, but a new press release says the purple-colored nanoparticle-enriched thermal paste should go on sale “soon”.

With the introduction of a new shade, the effectiveness of Cooler Masters original CryoFuze drops slightly. The purple conductive medium is stable between -50 and 240 degrees Celsius (ten degrees less hot than the original) and promises a thermal conductivity of 12.6 watts per meter Kelvin (W/mK). For reference, the silver-gray flavor promises conductivity up to 14 W/mK.

Even with slightly less watts per meter Kelvin, the new CryoFuze still stands as a ‘premium’ thermal paste. Its thermal conductivity is several times higher than typical thermal paste for PC components, while approaching the effectiveness of liquid metal — typically those solutions perform above 13 W/mK. The new CryoFuze is furthermore, somewhat self-evidently, corrosion and oxidation free.

CryoFuze Violet comes in a volume of 0.7 milliliters (2 grams), in a traditional precision syringe. The paste is also supplied with a scoop and grease remover. It is as yet unclear how much the thermal paste should cost; The American NewEgg seems to be already offering CryoFuze Violet for $ 30.99.

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