Dice releases montage of twenty years of Battlefield

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Battlefield franchise, Dice has released a video highlighting several highlights from the series.

The video features games such as Battlefield 3, Battlefield Heroes and the most recent part Battlefield 2042.

Earlier, Dice and EA announced that they would be giving away free items via Battlefield 2042 to celebrate the anniversary. People who log in this month will receive five Player Cards anyway. When you log in until September 12, you will receive Little Trouble, a Charm in the form of a leprechaun with a weapon. Logging in between September 13 and 19 yielded the Antarctic Patrol Charm. People who log in between September 20 and 27 will receive Crab Rave.

It was previously announced that Ridgeline Games is working on a campaign of a new Battlefield game. The studio is headed by Marcus Lehto, one of the creators of Halo and main character Master Chief.

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