DRM check of Xbox One discs eased on Xbox Series X

With an update, Microsoft has relaxed the DRM check of Xbox One discs on Xbox Series X.

Earlier this month, update 2208 was released for Xbox Series consoles. This would lift “the majority” of restrictions on Xbox One games, a Microsoft employee confirmed on social media. This allows physical Xbox One games to be played offline on Xbox Series X consoles. Since the Xbox Series S does not have a disk drive, this bottom-line change makes no difference to that console.

Previously, it was required to be connected to the Internet when playing physical Xbox One games via backward compatibility on Xbox Series X, even with the game installed. That way, it could be checked every so often to see if the player actually had the disc, a holdover from Microsoft’s DRM policy during the Xbox One.

Microsoft says that an internet connection may sometimes be necessary, for example to download a mandatory update for games that are only partially on the physical disc.

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