Embracer had hoped for better reception from Saints Row

The CEO of Embracer Group says he is disappointed in how the new Saints Row is being received.

CEO Lars Wingefors reported this during a presentation of the company (via VGC). “Personally, I had hoped for a better reception of the game. It is a polarizing game. We can go into details, but I am happy to see that many gamers and fans are enjoying it. Still, I think it’s a shame that fans aren’t so happy. That’s hard.”

The new Saints Row has received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. The many bugs and the reboot of the story and the new characters are often mentioned criticisms.

“We’ll have to wait for the quarterly results in November before we have more details. The game isn’t out that long and we’re still collecting data. We’re also working on more content and bug fixes.”

He continues: “Financially, I’m pretty sure we’re going to make money from the investment we’ve made. Will it pay off as much as we’ve seen with other games? It’s not likely, but we’ll make money from it, And that’s a good starting point in any case.”

When asked about the future of the Saints Row franchise, Wingefors was unable to provide a clear answer. “Obviously you want every new part within an IP to be more successful than the previous part. It’s a process to evaluate this, and there are hundreds of people working on this game. I still have full confidence in those people and I’m sure they’ll come up with good proposals in the future.”

The new Saints Row scored an 8 on Gamer.nl: “Saints Row is a successful reboot: it takes the best ingredients from the series and successfully remixes them. Conquering and adapting the streets of San Ilesos with your gait is central and is well-executed. The activities are versatile, the cast in charming and the game is full of humor without going over the line. Unfortunately, the game is also plagued by a myriad of bugs, which rarely really get in the way of the fun, but they do get in the way that Saints Row can shake off its image as a fun B-game.”

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