Bayern boss Kahn criticizes DFL rules: long-term injured players are considered fit


CEO Oliver Kahn commented on the corona situation at FC Bayern. With regard to the DFL rules, the Bayern boss proposed a revision.

“I’ve seen a lot in football, but it’s an absolute novelty that there are not eleven absolute permanent players,” Kahn told Borussia Monchengladbach before Bayern’s start in the second half of the season. DAZN.

Due to the meager occupancy, the Bavarians are also struggling with the possibility of postponing the match. But in the end the match could be kicked off. In this regard, Kahn criticized the statutes of the German Football League (DFL): “There are regulations of the DFL that we accept and we accept for today. But they were made at a time when there was still Corona, I can only suggest, when everything has settled down, take a closer look at these regulations and revise them.”

Section 2 of the DFL’s Laws of the Game states under item 3 (“Dismissal for Players’ Illness”) that dismissal applications must be rejected if a team “has more than 15 licensed players and/or amateurs/contract players who are eligible to play on the licensed team” are available. Of these, at least nine players must be licensed, including a goalkeeper.

However, injured players are also considered fit to play. “As a former athlete, I do not want to understand that players who are injured in the long term are considered fit for action,” said Kahn, calling the injured Bayern players Josip Stanisic (torn muscles) and Leon Goretzka (knee problems). . “Those are things you need to rethink,” Kahn said.

FC Bayern: Kahn defends hygiene concept

At the same time, the Bayern boss defended the hygiene concept of the record champions. “We already worked with the health service before Christmas and tightened up our hygiene concept again before Christmas. What we are experiencing now is not a corona outbreak that takes place within the team. The players are back from their well-deserved vacation and were all infected.” The concept that we have been working with since this new variant has been honed and is excellent as we have not seen any major outbreaks within the club or within the team,” said Kahn.

Nevertheless, Kahn looked confidently at the current tense situation: “You can see from the current situation that a certain degree of flexibility is needed in the planning. But we are Bayern Munich, we know the challenge and we know how to handle it .”

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