Bayern pro Serge Gnabry talks about poor money management: That broke my parents


Bayern attacking player Serge Gnabry talked about his start at Arsenal in a column more than a year ago. The 24-year-old revealed that as a young professional he was poor in money and his parents had to wash his head as a result.

“When I got my breakthrough in the first team, I started spending my money on so much unnecessary stuff. The toilet bag for £600. The sparkling Christian Louboutins (designer shoes, editor’s note) back then. The Rolex,” Gnabry wrote in a message to The Players Tribune.

His parents weren’t thrilled about it. The luxury watch eventually broke the barrel and Gnabry was confronted. The international said: “That was the goal, it broke my parents. That’s why they went to talk to me. They felt something was going to happen.”

“I literally remember my mom saying, ‘Serge, you know… it can’t be forever. You can’t spend your money like this. You have to keep your feet on the ground, because everyone falls at some point,’ ” said Gnabry. Only a short time later the winger would have to catch up with his mother’s words.

“A few weeks after this conversation I literally went down. Everything fell apart a bit. I hurt my knee and couldn’t do anything for about eight months. Time was just frozen,” Gnabry recalls. After the injury, the youngster did not play a single game for the Gunners in the 2014-15 season.

Gnabry’s Breakthrough at the 2016 Olympics

“When I was finally back on the pitch, I didn’t get into the squad. Suddenly I was loaned out to West Brom. It was as if my mother had seen the future,” wrote the Stuttgart resident. Gnabry also had a hard time at West Bromwich. He only faced the Baggies three times.

In the summer of 2016, after an extremely successful participation in the Summer Olympics, in which Gnabry made a significant contribution to achieving the silver medal, Arsenal went to Bremen with six goals in six games, where he finally broke through.

He is now the undisputed regular at Bayern, scoring 58 goals and 37 assists in 150 competitive games. Also in the German national team, Gnabry is predominantly placed and dangerous for goals (20 goals in 31 matches).

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