Borussia Dortmund – Dahoud jokes with Brandt: We call him Junior Beckham


Julian Brandt and Mahmoud Dahoud shone side by side in Dortmund’s midfield against Freiburg on Friday night. After the match, both appeared together in front of the DAZN microphone and that made the mood even better.

“The connection between us is always very good anyway”, Brandt clarified: “That’s why I wasn’t worried. We play on a Friday evening, want to collect more points in the Bundesliga and were able to present today.”

Dortmund shined thanks to their strong commitment and high effectiveness. Dahoud scored for the first time in two games in a row, Brandt once again attracted attention with dangerous corner kicks – two of which went into the Freiburg goal after a header.

“We have our processes. It was a little unusual for Thomas Meunier to find his way to the goal twice today,” Brandt smiled. Dahoud took it one step better: “Jule played a great game today. He has such a good foot, we call him Junior Beckham. He doesn’t even need to practice the turns.”

Brandt, somewhat embarrassed, contradicted this, but then analyzed the problems of the past few weeks: “You are sustainable about victories. We sat down a lot and discussed our problems. We try to work on it. Ultimately, the result is sustainability.”

Dahoud: “It’s nice when it works”

Finally, DAZN reporter Daniel Herzog turned to Mo Dahoud again, but he came up with rather short answers. “It’s nice when it works,” he summed up. To the question ‘How do you keep this situation this way?’ Dahoud followed with a simple “work”.

“Junior Beckham” Brandt jumped to the reporter’s aid with a mischievous smile, explaining, “Mo is a friend of short answers.” The goalscorer didn’t want to leave it alone to make it 5-1 and concluded the interview with a compliment: “I just like to listen to Julian.”

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