Bundesliga: Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder gives clubs hope over spectator ban


Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has given Bundesliga clubs some hope over the spectator ban. “We have to see how it develops with Omikron,” said the CSU politician in the “Doppelpass” at Sport1: “If the danger to the hospitals should not be comparable to the Delta variant, we should take this as a starting point and look , how we deal with it.”

In Bavaria, as in much of Germany, fans are completely excluded. In some states there are exceptions, where several hundred or several thousand viewers are admitted.

Söder called the different regulations “extremely annoying”, especially at the start of the second half of the season there was a lot of not fair. “It’s quite a distortion of competition. The rules about when a match is kicked off and don’t really fit. The Omikron variant is something completely different. It’s completely different from Delta,” said Söder.

Because of Corona you have to think of something sensible: “In Italy they want to sit outside completely. In England there are still many fans in the stadiums. The whole thing leads to a completely distorted situation.”

At the same time, he defended the political decision to call off ghost games for the Bundesliga again shortly before Christmas. “We played the ghost games because the hospitals were actually overloaded. It was very justified. Now you have to see how Omikron develops,” explains Söder.

Söder: “It’s good if the competition settles down again”

BVB director Hans-Joachim Watzke recently demanded a stadium tax of ten percent, because football ghost games would not be able to sustain financially much longer. “It would be good if the league would sit down again and think about how to adjust the rules,” said Söder.

“We have to look at the next two or three weeks. If there is any improvement, we will discuss other models,” said Söder: “At the moment we better stick to the cautious variant. We have done well. drive on sight.”

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