BVB lies to itself: the positions for the 18th Bundesliga matchday


Game run, are you okay? Are you kidding, are you serious when you say that! Actually, not much has changed at Borussia Dortmund. Why Wolfsburg is still sagging and who the hopeful Gladbachs could be: The positions of the 18th Bundesliga matchday shed light.

BVB victory was brutally important, but no turnaround

Trailing 2-0, Borussia Dortmund last won almost two years ago, in Erling Haaland’s then stunning Bundesliga debut against Augsburg. Now BVB repeated the feat in Frankfurt against a very good opponent for a long time, which subsequently led to some euphoria and was already classified by one or the other as a major turning point of the season. The team had shown attitude, said coach Marco Rose, the team believed in itself at all times, Emre Can said. “We were inside for the full 90 minutes,” said coach Marco Rose.

However, a completely different picture arose on the field for almost half: after the first goal and until shortly before half-time, the team sank into chaos again and it was not Dortmund’s opposition that resulted in a 0:3 or 0:4 Backlog but Frankfurt’s carelessness with the numerous counter attacks and scoring opportunities.

And even in the vaunted second half, BVB was able to cut the workload more briskly – but a twist in this game could hardly be believed until halfway through the half. It was not the fierce pressure from Dortmund that reopened the match, but the opponent. After the substitution of Sebastian Rode, the game in Frankfurt lost more energy every minute and in the end it was BVB that simply took advantage of the opponent’s lack of concentration. The win was hugely important to avoid annoying discussions.

It is presumptuous and dangerous to speak of a U-turn with another two goals against and a decent overall performance at best.

Gladbach has three hopeful ones

Stefan Lainer is back and with his determination and lots of energy on Gladbach’s right. Lainer missed Borussia almost the entire series due to a broken ankle, before the winter break he celebrated his comeback in Hoffenheim, in the 2-1 win over Bayern Lainer showed himself impressively – not only because of his eventual winning goal.

There was also a lot of fuss about Matthias Ginter after he announced his departure at the end of the season. Ginter was definitely under special observation and played a strong game against Bayern. Nine cleanups, six successful tackles, five intercepted balls – these were the top scores of all the players on the field. That was the “old” Ginter, as the Gladbach fans want him.

And another came back out of the blue against Bayern and played a great game: the eternal Tony Jantschke completed a full 90 minutes before the game this season at the Allianz Arena, often sitting alone on the bench or not even making it into the match squad. Against Bayern, trainer Adi Hütter relied mainly on the veteran and felt confirmed. Jantschke played a strong game against Serge Gnabry and continues to guarantee unexpected victories: Jantschke has played in two games so far this season, against Bayern and Borussia Dortmund. Gladbach scored six points.

This Fürth will arouse desires

Fürth’s ambitions for the second half of the season are manageable, even coach Stefan Leitl cannot and does not want to elaborate on that. Fürth wants to play good football and collect points, says Leitl about the upcoming farewell tour. No one believes in a miracle with the newly promoted team anymore, but they do believe in properly saying goodbye to the league – and from a player’s point of view: to show yourself. Like Nick Viergever in the 0-0 win against Stuttgart.

Fürth had to do without the central defender for about two months, who was actually planned as one of the pillars of the team. A serious ankle injury stopped Viergever and against VfB it became clear what the newly promoted team had been missing for a long time: peace, serenity, sovereignty. Viergever made a clean comeback and despite his old age of 32 years should be interesting for one or the other club. Auditions have started for Fürth and that also applies to players like Nick Viergever in addition to some young talents.

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