Ex-Gladbacher Tobias Levels denies Corona – sports reporter heavily offended after message


Former Bundesliga player Tobias Levels has emerged as a corona denier several times in the past. A sports reporter, who has shed light on the downplay, is now reporting vile abuse by the 35-year-old’s followers.

Only recently did the ex-professional of Borussia Mönchengladbach, Fortuna Duesseldorf and FC Ingolstadt described the pandemic as “people’s donkeys”.

He had already made his views public in a podcast. In the episode called “The Corona Bluff”, Levels said, among other things, “We have had an alleged pandemic under control for almost two years. Every day we are bombarded with content and action by the media and politics. Time to get closer to the pandemic. and try to bring a little light into the darkness.”

However, no scientific evidence was provided. There is also talk of a “planemy”. “It’s time for us to stand up to it. It will be our last chance. If we play into this and they achieve their goal, it will be very uncomfortable for us and future generations to live here,” he said at the end. of the episode, adding, “I hope resistance and clarity will build and we’ll force the end.”

Gianni Costa, chief reporter at the Rheinische Post, recently reported on Levels’ propensity for conspiracy theories. Since Levels then mentioned him in his Instagram story, According to his own statements, he was confronted with “the most disgusting insults”.

Levels ended his career at the age of 31 after a total of 128 Bundesliga games in 2018. He then founded a nutrition start-up.

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