FC Bayern Munich: Freiburg star Jeong to be brought back? Consultant makes you sit up and pay attention


SC Freiburg’s Woo-Yeong Jeong adviser has made a comment about the South Korean’s possible return to Bayern Munich and has shaken people up.

“The connections are of course still there. There are certainly some clubs that have to do with him because he brings top performances. So that wouldn’t surprise me,” said Martin Rath SPOX and PURPOSE. In the event, however, he explicitly referred to the Freiburg attacking player’s contract.

“We have extended the contract with SC Freiburg in advance. That is a clear statement, he feels good. I assume that he will play in Freiburg next season. What the clubs agree on is another matter,” he said. rath.

Sky reported on Monday that Bayern are considering a return campaign for the 22-year-old. When Jeong moved to Breisgau in the summer of 2019, the record champions therefore secured a ten million euros buy-back clause, which the club could withdraw this summer.

Jeong moved from South Korea to the A youth of record champions in January 2018. In Munich, he made his first full season debut for the pros before moving to the sports club for €2 million in the summer of 2019. After six months in Freiburg, there was another six-month interlude in FCB’s reserve on loan.

Jeong at Bayern Munich champion third division

With eight assists and one goal, Jeong played a decisive role in the strong second half of ‘little Bayern’, which became champions of the third division at the end of the season. Jeong returned to the SCF and settled there as a regular. In March last year, he made his debut for the South Korean national team and under coach Christian Streich, Jeong is also a top player this season (4 goals in 18 BL games).

Streich came out in the summer as a fan of the lightweight, which weighs only 70 kilograms. “De Wooyeong is a really great person, even off the pitch! Just a great guy.”

According to the Sky report, not only FC Bayern should keep an eye on Jeong and his development. The record-breaking champions will also reportedly face competition from TSG Hoffenheim in the campaign for the South Korean, who this season is heading for the club’s second Champions League group stage entry in the club’s history. Premier League clubs are also said to be interested in Jeong.

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