FC Bayern Munich, news and rumours: Rummenigge looks back on transfer drama over Neuer


Karl-Heinz Rummenigge described his frustration with Manuel Neuer’s transfer saga in 2011. The former Bayern boss also commented on Robert Lewandowski’s “extremely difficult transfer” at the time. In addition, Thomas Helmer looked back on one of his most unpleasant memories at Bayern. The news and rumors about FC Bayern Munich.

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge looks back on Neuer-Transfer

Former Bayern chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge looked back at the 2011 Manuel Neuer transfer saga and revealed new details. In an interview with kicker, Rummenigge explains that the transfer cost a lot of energy at the time.

“I remember a game where Uli and I almost went crazy when the posters and chants came from the south corner: ‘Koan Neuer’. We lost 1-0, which irritated us anyway, but what really irritated us, these posters Were out of line,” Rummenigge says, looking back. “That’s why I went to the locker room after the game – first in ours and then to the Schalke 04 locker room.

“There was Horst Heldt, I asked if I could speak to Manuel for a moment. He looked a little surprised, but let me have it. Then Manuel appeared. I said: ‘I want to apologize for the behavior of the public. That’s not her “The opinion of the fans is just the opinion of a certain group. We will have to investigate that.” He replied that he had only one question: ‘Do you and Uli Hoeneß want me to come?’ I replied, ‘Yes, of course!’ Then he replied, ‘Then I will come.'”

Rummenigge on Lewandowski: ‘Extremely difficult transfer’

In the same interview, Rummenigge also stated that Robert Lewandowski’s transfer was anything but an easy undertaking. “Three years later [nach dem Transfer von Neuer. Anm. d. Red.] then we could attract the best striker in the world. We fought a lot there. Strangely enough, so does Matthias Sammer, who succeeded Christian Nerlinger as sports director in 2012 – and who is now on the other side in Dortmund. He was a major contributor to Robert’s entry into FC Bayern. That was a very difficult transfer, Robert was free, but with Real Madrid we had the biggest competition,” said Rummenigge.

“His argument was that he wanted to win the Champions League and become the best footballer in the world,” Rummenigge said. “I will never forget how he sat on the pitch after the 2020 final in Lisbon, the trophy in his hand and tears in his eyes. I congratulated him on his win and asked if he could remember the talks of a few years remember “Yes, of course”, he said. I said: “You see, with Bayern Munich you can also win the Champions League. His answer was: “Yes, but now we have to start a series.” At the greatest success, when he sat there with the trophy, he was already thinking about the future. He is a little crazy, but in a positive way. (Grinns) “, Rummenigge continued.

Helmer mocks the old Bayern shirt

Former Bayern professional Thomas Helmer commented on an unwanted reminder of record champions on Instagram – a jersey no one in the Bayern team could wear at the time.

“Nobody on my team liked this canary jersey. Our team survived this quirky color combination and became German champions in 1993/1994. Everyone was happy when the jersey was dusted off after only 2 seasons. Today I see it more relaxed – it has almost Ugly ‘cult potential,’ Helmer wrote.

FC Bayern Munich: the upcoming matches

meeting contest opponent
Saturday, January 15, 3:30 p.m. Bundesliga 1. FC Cologne (away)
Sunday 23 January, 5.30 pm Bundesliga Hertha BSC (Off)
Saturday, February 5, 6.30 pm. Bundesliga RB Leipzig (home)
Saturday, February 12, 3:30 PM. Bundesliga VfL Bochum (Away)
Wednesday 16 February, 9 p.m. Champions League RB Salzburg (Away)
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