Fredi Bobic attacks players’ agents: that’s dubious


Fredi Bobic has attacked the consulting industry and wants to ban WhatsApp.

“The advisers are nervous and have to earn money. Corona has also affected them,” says general manager Herthas Sports in an interview with the editorial network Germany.

The WhatsApp messenger app in particular is an eyesore for him. “You may not believe it, but since WhatsApp has been around, I would have loved to have banned it. What hangs there is incredible. Sometimes 20 messages come from just one advisor with screenshots of 18 players, all of which I can have. Then I answer that I don’t even get it. It’s questionable,” he explained.

Bobic also opposed the term “Big City Club”, which has been used in connection with the Berliners for years.

“I never used the word. It is not an official slogan of ours, it was introduced from outside and mainly consolidated in the media,” said Bobic.

Bobic: “Talking when you’ve done something”

Investor Lars Windhorst, among others, coined the term as a goal for the association when he joined the company in 2019. In the past, the current table-13. “Communicates too loudly. Anyone who knows my work knows that my style is a bit more relaxed,” says Bobic.

His philosophy is “work first, deliver and then talk about it when you achieved something, how you did it. Blowing out brightly colored balloons and then seeing how everyone reacts is not my strategy.”

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