Logan Bailly as Gladbach’s Biggest Asshole: Five cars, swimming pool at 30 degrees in winter, salary confiscated


Borussia Mönchengladbach has not had any problems in the goalkeeper position for a long time. Yann Sommer has been diving and parrying at the highest level for years, his predecessor Marc-Andre ter Stegen saved the club from relegation in 2011 and then played a major role in the revival of the Foals.

The fact that Ter Stegen made his debut in the first place was thanks to a goalkeeper whom Gladbach fans were not so well reminded of. We are talking about the Belgian Logan Bailly.

In January 2009 Bailly came from Genk for 2.5 million euros and should become the new number one. Bailly immediately became the goalkeeper of the Gladbachers, who always fought to stay in the competition, and also managed to convince with good performances. However, Bailly made headlines mainly off the field. Because the salary he received in the Bundesliga went to the goalkeeper’s head.

Der Spiegel reported on an incredible waste. A Bentley for the dad, an Audi A5 for the wife, and for yourself it could be a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and an Audi A5 Convertible! In addition, he is said to have heated the water in his pool to around 30 degrees all winter. Bailly apparently lived well beyond the means of even a professional football player.

Logan Bailly: In the stranglehold of the gambling mafia

Bailly is said to have built up a debt of 400,000 euros. He is therefore reported to have deposited his credit and debit card with the club, which has reportedly paid Bailly only €7,000 net per month of his alleged €40,000. The rest therefore went directly into debt restructuring. The Belgian’s debts would even have put him in the stranglehold of the gambling mafia. The photo showed, among other things, that Bailly’s big toe was broken with a hammer.

Of course, these personal issues also affected his performance on the field. After a good year and a half it went considerably downhill in the 2010/11 season. Coach Michael Frontzeck removed Bailly from the selection after a mediocre performance, Christofer Heimeroth took over the place between the posts.

Logan Bailly: blunder against Lautern ends time in Gladbach

After the resignation of Frontzeck in February 2011, Lucien Favre was signed, Gladbach was at the bottom of the ranking at the time, seven points behind the relegation spot. And the Swiss surprisingly made Bailly number one again. Initially it worked, but a totally inexplicable failure against 1. FC Kaiserslautern put Bailly aside again. When the Belgian injured himself, Favre put his trust in the very young ter Stegen – and was rewarded. With a strong final sprint, the jump to relegation was successful and there the relegation was successful.

But that was the end of Bailly’s time in Gladbach. It was first awarded twice, followed by the final farewell in 2012. Bailly was a fixture at OH Leuven for another three years, but a move to Celtic Glasgow turned out to be a misunderstanding. In 2020 he definitively ended his career.

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