Ten hits: Shon Weissman starts at Real Valladolid


Shon Weissman once duel with Erling Haaland for the top scorer’s crown in the Austrian Bundesliga. While one of them went on to become a superstar after his move, the other has to accept relegation to the second division. But after a long time getting used to at Real Valladolid, Weissman is finally blooming again this season.

It was certainly not an easy month for Weissman, who arrived in his first season as an internal record transfer from Ronaldo Nazario’s club and ended up in the La Liga relegation battle. Though largely seeded, Weissman scored just six goals in the first year – quite a modest record for a striker who previously scored 40 goals.

With only 31 points in penultimate place, Valladolid had to take the heavy step to the second division. Initial reports emerged that Weissman and the “Pucelanos” were a misunderstanding, the rumor mill went on as usual – Weissman wanted to play internationally and the media also talked about a return to Austria.

But he himself confirmed that he would remain faithful to the club and decided to take on the great challenge of “revival”. And the Israeli has impressively devoted himself to this task. Because Weissman has already scored ten goals and two assists this season and is compared to the formative strikers of the last decades. In the new century, only five Real Valladolid players who played in the second division managed to finish the first half of the season in double figures.

Shon Weissman selected for the team for the first half of the season

It seems as if the 25-year-old under neo-coach Pacheta has found his nose for goal again, as a kick tip he is now better involved in the game and can better use his qualities in the sixteenth. “Don’t say Weissman, say Tor,” wrote the Diario de Valladolid recently. And not without good reason, because purely statistically, every second shot from the ex-Wolfsberger landed on the net. Or to put it another way: Weissman currently needs about 145 minutes per hit. A cut that recalls his time in Austria, when he scored 15 strong goals in his first 16 games. Last week, Weissman was recognized for his achievements by the league and was voted the sole Valladolid kicker in the top eleven of the first half of the season.

Valladolid is currently in fifth place with 37 points and would thus be in the play-off for promotion. Weissman’s goal resulted in a total of 23 points for the Pucelas, seven wins and two draws. If Weissman continues to meet like this, promotion to La Liga could succeed next year.

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