Cristiano Ronaldo: nutrition, diets, sleep rhythm, fitness plan


Cristiano Ronaldo has been part of the football elite for decades and at the age of 36 is still a top performer in Manchester United and Portugal. Diet, diet, sleep schedule, fitness plan – all these contribute to the fact that the Portuguese remain competitive even in old age.

Cristiano Ronaldo: nutrition, diets, sleep rhythm, fitness plan

At 36 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo remains not only one of the best football players in the world, but also one of the best athletes. The Portuguese continues to break records – both at club level and in the national team. Not everything is running smoothly at his club Manchester United this season, but individually CR7 continues to deliver strong figures. In the league, he met eight times in 16 matches and prepared three goals. In the Champions League, the competition he won five times, he scored no fewer than six goals in five group matches. Only in September last year did Ronaldo break the record for most goals in international matches. With 115 hits (as of January 11), he already has six more than the Iranian Ali Daei, who was number one for a long time.

To celebrate all these successes so late in your career, training with the ball is not enough. Other factors such as diet, nutrition, sleep patterns or an appropriate fitness plan are just as important.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Diet and Diets

To be able to deliver the performance on the field, you need to have enough energy. The right nutrition immediately comes into play. “I eat a diet that is high in protein, with lots of whole grain carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and avoid foods that contain sugar,” Ronaldo reveals. He eats up to six small meals a day — or he eats every three to four hours.

His breakfast usually consists of cheese, ham, low-fat yogurt, lots of fruit, and avocado toast. Ronaldo especially likes fish, especially swordfish, sea bass and sea bream. When the five-time Ballon d’Or winner goes to a restaurant, he usually orders a steak or salad, but never anything cold, everything has to be fresh.

As you could see from the Euro 2021 press conference, CR7 is not a big fan of soft drinks like Coca Cola, but prefers to drink water. He avoids alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Sleep rhythm

When it comes to sleeping, Ronaldo is unlike most of his competitors. Instead of sleeping for about eight hours a day, CR7 sleeps several times a day. To be exact, five times of 90 minutes each.

Cristiano Ronaldo: fitness plan

Once the Portuguese has had enough sleep, the fitness training can begin. Before you do that, Ronaldo recommends that you do a good warm-up first to reduce the risk of injury. “During training, we run a few laps on the field and do stretches and cardio,” he says. “Make sure to do something similar during your workout, like jogging to the gym or warming up on the treadmill or bike.”

Once at the gym, Ronaldo’s training consists mainly of cardio exercises – including running, rowing and strength training. It is important to ensure that all parts of the body are trained and that the exercises improve both strength and endurance.

On the playing field, the emphasis is on high-intensity exercises designed to simulate game situations. “We do a lot of sprint exercises during training and they can be incorporated into your training whether you are at the gym or outside,” says Ronaldo. You don’t necessarily need a gym to do the exercises. “Add exercises wherever you can”.

Cristiano Ronaldo: His records at club level and in the national team

Club and individual records Quantity
Most Goals in UEFA Club Competition: 143
Most goals in the UEFA Champions League: 140
Most goals in one season in the UEFA Champions League 17 (2013/14)
Most UEFA Champions League Knockout Goals: 67
Most wins in the UEFA Champions League final 5
Most team of the year appointments among users: 15 (2004, 2007-2020)
Most UEFA Club Footballer / Best Player Awards: 4th
The only player to score 10 goals against one club in the UEFA Champions League against Juventus

The only player to have won 11 consecutive UEFA Champions League matches

The only player to score in all six matches in a UEFA Champions League group stage

The only player to score in three UEFA Champions League finals

National Team Records for Portugal Quantity
Most participations in EURO finals 5
Most bets in EURO final 25th
Most stakes in EURO tournaments (including qualifiers): 60
Most goals in EURO final 14th
Most goals in EURO tournaments (including qualification) 45
Meet in most EURO finals 5
The only player to have scored three goals in multiple EURO finals 2012, 2016, 2020
Most matches on EURO and World Cup finals 42
Most goals in EURO and World Cup finals 20th
Most caps for Portugal 184
Most international goals in world football 115
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