Former Sony manager claims the PlayStation 5 was built without crunch

A former Sony Interactive Entertainment executive claims that the PlayStation 5 was made without excessive overtime.

He does this via Twitter under the name HUGE alternagod. He is responding to an article by Kotaku in which the website talks about the new update for the PlayStation 5 that came out last Wednesday. According to Kotaku, these functions should have been included from release and that didn’t go well with the former manager.

“Hey Kotaku, we built this console in the midst of a global pandemic without demanding crunch from anyone,” his message begins. “Some things had to go to make that a reality. Employee health was a priority and I’m glad it was.” Kotaku has not responded to the message at the time of writing.

The update that the fuss is about was rolled out last Wednesday and added game lists and support for a 1440p resolution, among other things. With those game lists, players can add 100 games to a list to bring order to the console’s library. Finally, the update also makes it possible to compare 3D audio and stereo sound before choosing one.

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