Giant RTX 4090 spotted in Lenovo Legion system

Photos of a new Lenovo Legion system, including a suspected RTX 4090 four PCI slots thick, have leaked through a Chinese forum.

The photos were posted in an already deleted forum post on NGA, although the footage lives on elsewhere on the internet — including above.

The images show exposed and presumably all-new pre-built of Lenovo’s Legion brand. The prominent ‘custom’ video card has been partially made unrecognizable, but according to the forum discussion it is a GeForce RTX 4090 — a GPU that Nvidia may not reveal until next week.

In physical design, the rectangular video card resembles Gigabyte’s Master models. Not only did boxes of this recently leak out, Gigabyte itself also had a large number of RTX 4090 GPUs registered publicly. Gigabyte’s largest chassis may therefore grow to four PCI slots thick this generation.

The video card itself was also further analyzed, with additional images of the cooling solution for the GPU. Two additional photos show how almost the entire circuit board is covered with a body of cooling fins, connected by at least thirteen separate heat pipes.

In addition, the copper cooling plate looks larger than before; almost a third of the circuit board seems to be covered. A vapor chamber may now be housed in the copper body. With the expected TGP of 450 watts — some reports even predicted 600 watts — progress in cooling solutions wouldn’t be a bad step for Nvidia’s partner manufacturers.

Despite the now also quite visual leaks, little is certain about the GeForce RTX 4090 cards. The first top model in Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace generation will most likely be officially unveiled next September 20, during Nvidia’s so-called ‘Project Beyond’ presentation.

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