Gigabyte seems to be preparing 11 variants of RTX 4090

Gigabyte has registered 11 different RTX 4090 video cards with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

As is often the case, Gigabyte is the first party to register AIB variants of the new RTX 40 video cards. On the EEC web portal, companies must first declare new products before they can legitimately enter the Eurasian market.

Not all EEC registrations lead by definition to actual production, but at Gigabyte the registration rarely deviates from reality. In this case, that seems to mean that Gigabyte wants to flood the market with nearly a dozen different RTX 4090s, the upcoming top model in Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace generation.

The tweet below lists the exact model numbers that Gigabyte registered with the EEC. Also notable here is that the “24GD” addendum invariably returns — yet another confirmation of the 24GB of GDDR6X memory for Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards.

As far as the code terms can be traced, Gigabyte is preparing several water- and air-cooled Aorus Xtreme models, among other things, as well as Gaming, Eagle and WindForce 3 flavors of the RTX 4090.

In the higher Xtreme segment, several Master and Elite variations are available, as well as a choice of AIB water cooling or just the water block. For the less ambitious models, there is always the choice whether or not to purchase Gigabyte’s own factory overclock (OC). The versions with and without OC addition are considered separate products.

With Gigabyte’s registration of the many different RTX 4090s, the Ada Lovelace generation is now really coming close. It is not certain yet, but Nvidia will probably do the first RTX 40 GPUs — including most likely the RTX 4090 top model — on September 20th.

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