Glitch makes split screen possible in Halo Infinite

Due to a glitch in a menu, players still managed to play the Halo Infinite campaign in split screen.

The glitch is in the menu and ensures that as many as three other players can participate in split screen on one Xbox Series X or S. All steps are explained in detail in the video below. The glitch doesn’t come at the expense of the cutscenes, nor does the AI ​​suffer from it.

The Halo Infinite campaign was long supposed to officially support split screen, but 343 just announced that the feature has been canceled. The developer said it had decided to spend more time on the multiplayer components and live service aspects. This makes it the first Halo game that does not support split screen.

On November 8, players will be able to play the campaign in online co-op. Campaign missions can also be replayed through Mission Replay from that date, which can be used to earn new achievements. The shooter’s third season has been delayed to March 2023.

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