Google’s latest platform game teaches players about Mesoamerica

Google’s Arts and Culture team has developed a Zelda-esque game that takes players to Mesoamerica: The Descent on the Serpent.

Created in collaboration with Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology, the game is intended to provide players (in addition to entertainment) a history lesson about Mesoamerica (known from Native American cultures such as the Aztec and Mayan cultures).

The Descent on the Serpent starts in a museum, where Tezcatlipoca – the Aztec god of the night, the north, the cold, weapons and war – suddenly enters to steal an item. The player is then teleported to the past, and must get about twenty “icons” in Mesoamerica.

The player must navigate jungles, mountains, coasts and caves to find these objects, according to Google’s blog. The twenty objects are part of the Aztec sunstone, a large stone several meters wide that contains figures and symbols that tell of the origin of the earth.

The Descent on the Serpent is free to play via a web browser, as well as downloadable as an app for iOS and Android.

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