Intel Arc A7 GPUs appear ‘very soon’

In new interviews, spokespersons for Intel Arc have indicated that the Arc A770 and Arc A750 graphics cards will be released “very soon.”

Intel recently entered into talks with the German PC Games Hardware and Digital Foundry. In the extensive interviews, Intel Arc engineers and product managers talk about the entire Alchemist generation of GPUs, with some new details here and there about the heaviest desktop cards, the Arc A770 and Arc A750.

Once again Intel emphasizes that the Arc A770 flagship is definitely faster than Nvidia’s mid-range model, the GeForce RTX 3060. Recent benchmarks have already shown this, Intel now also claims that the RTX 3060 Ti and AMD’s Radeon RX 6600 XT are inferior to the toughest. Arc card.

In addition, Intel is now also verifying that the Arc A770 does indeed come in two flavors. The GPU is paired with 16 GB or 8 GB of GDDR6 memory. The somewhat toned down Arc A750 (as well as the ‘halved’ Arc A580) come standard with 8 GB of the same GDDR6 memory.

As a side note, the support for Resizable BAR (ReBAR) is also highlighted in the interviews. In systems where Resizable BAR is not possible — the technology that allows the CPU to freely access the GPU’s buffer memory — Arc GPUs typically lose 40 percent in in-game performance. Intel is working on optimization outside of ReBAR, but will probably only achieve results in Arc generations after Alchemist. “If you don’t have ReBAR, you’re better off sticking with other GPU manufacturers,” said Intel’s own Tom Petersen.

Intel’s own Tom Petersen assured that both the Arc A770 and Arc A750 will be made available “very soon” through Intel’s own web store. To coincide with the launch of Intel’s own reference cards, partner manufacturers’ AIB models should also launch. Possible suggested retail prices were not definitively discussed.

However, the rollout of the Arc A7 video cards would again be “limited editions”, with exclusivity for some regions. This time it is assured that this is not just China — as was the case for the first Arc A380 video cards; in any case, Germany was highlighted as a “key market region” for Intel’s higher-end graphics cards.

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