Intel has plans for Raptor Lake CPU at 6.0 GHz

At the Intel Tech Tour in Israel, the chip manufacturer would have shared a roadmap, on which plans for a Raptor Lake CPU at least 6.0 GHz.

Intel’s roadmap, presented live, was made public by some of the tech influencers in attendance, including Ian Cutress on Twitter.

Raptor Lake features Intel’s thirteenth Core generation, which has been planned for some time for 2022. The flagship, the Core i9-13900K, has been spotted before with higher frequencies than expected, up to at least 5.5 GHz on boost frequencies. Intel does not seem to be satisfied with that for the time being, according to a new disclosure from the recent presentation.

Sometime in 2022, Intel is set to unveil an alternative Core i9 flagship, with a standard frequency of 6.0 GHz and a boost frequency of 8.0 GHz — both record speeds in their own class. The CPU must also support DDR5 memory at 5600 MT/s.

Intel’s plans may also explain a recent leak. A screenshot of a CPU-Z benchmark leaked on WccfTech last week, in which a processor prototype from Intel indeed reached a frequency of 8.0 GHz. The overclocker in question would have assured that it was a Raptor Lake model, albeit equipped with liquid nitrogen as a cooling solution.

Presumably the ‘first’ Core i9-13900K will not use the same (standard) frequencies. The promise of 6.0 and 8.0 GHz clock speeds out-of-the-box probably holds true for a later revision: a potential Core i9-13900KS. This will probably become more clear once Intel officially unveils the Raptor Lake generation.

Increasing the clock speeds seems to be in the spotlight again this generation. For example, Intel’s new promise comes remarkably soon after AMD’s Ryzen 7000 unveiling, in which the flagship proudly showed off a boost frequency of up to 5.7 GHz — as well as quite a bit higher than the previous generation.

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