Leaked Galax video card has four fans

A leaked new video card from Galax appears to be not only four PCI slots thick, but also contain four separate fans.

The new and as yet unannounced video card would fall under the ‘Serious Gaming’ denominator, a line that Galax coincidentally also seemed to tease on Twitter yesterday. VideoCardz sources appeared to have found several renders of the new chassis shortly after.

It is still unclear which precise GPU from Nvidia is housed in the futuristic chassis, although it is obviously a newer model. The renders clearly show the new 12VHPWR connector (16-pin, good for 600 watts), the ATX 3.0 power port that was introduced with the RTX 3090 Ti and will most likely be integrated more often in the future RTX 40 offering.

Presumably, the card is mainly intended for heavier Nvidia GPUs. With the thickness of apparently four PCI slots and, of course, four sturdy fans — one of which is also incorporated on the ‘back’ — the card seems to become quite a vehicle. The firm cooling solution may be somewhat excessive for the low to mid-range Nvidia GPUs.

Nevertheless, more and more manufacturers seem to be preparing thicker video cards for Nvidia’s next generation. Earlier this week, a new, four-slot thick RTX 4090 leaked out, possibly from Gigabyte’s stable. There, too, the cooling solution seemed upgraded; a vapor chamber may appear to be hiding in the cooling plate.

In all likelihood, more manufacturers, including Galax, will reveal their new Nvidia cards next week. After all, on September 20, Nvidia will unveil ‘Project Beyond’, an event that almost certainly concerns the new Ada Lovelace GPUs (RTX 40).

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