Lord of the Rings MMO Canceled Because ‘Tencent And Amazon Couldn’t Work Together’

The Lord of The Rings mmo was canceled in 2021 because Tencent and Amazon were unable to work together.

This is what Christoph Hartmann, the director of Amazon Games, tells Gamespot. The game was in development for years but was canceled in 2021. That happened because the Chinese holding company Leyou was sold to Tencent. “We had a deal with a Hong Kong company, Leyou. But they were later sold to Tencent and then things just got complicated,” Hartmann says.

Licensee Middle-earth Enterprises had a clause in the contract that allowed the deal to be broken if one of the partners were to be acquired. “When Tencent Leyou took over, Middle-earth Enterprises activated the clause, after which everything stopped.”

Attempts were made to revive the project, but after lengthy negotiations, the plug was pulled. “Maybe we could have partnered with Tencent to do something, but I think we’re both too big to be partners. So we decided it was better not to work together.”

The Lord of the Rings mmo had been in development since 2019. The game was set for the original movie trilogy and was described as an AAA experience full of races, creatures and different areas. The game was supposed to be free for PC and consoles, but was canceled in 2021.

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