Lucasfilm Games may hint at new Maniac Mansion game

A Lucasfilm Games employee may have hinted at a new Maniac Mansion game on social media.

Recently, a classic Lucasfilm Games franchise returned in the form of Return to Monkey Island. The game is receiving a lot of positive criticism worldwide. Craig Derrick of Lucasfilm Games helped developer Ron Gilbert create the game.

Derrick has now tweeted that he is ready when it is time to “go back to the mansion”. Although not confirmed, he seems to be hinting at an unannounced project surrounding Maniac Mansion. Since nothing has been officially announced yet, it is also not clear whether it is a remake or a new game.

Lucasfilm released its first adventure game Maniac Mansion in 1987, which also featured Ron Gilbert. Fans hope that after the return of Monkey Island it will now be the turn of Maniac Mansion. In addition, Derick tweeted last August that he “wanted to return to ‘the Mansion'”, posting a trailer for the game.

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