Mario Strikers: Battle League Update Adds Two Characters

Nintendo has released update 1.2.0 for Mario Strikers: Battle League, which, among other things, adds two new playable characters to the game.

The playable characters are Pauline and Diddy Kong. Furthermore, the Barrel gear and the Planetoid stage have also been added. Strikers Rankings can now also be found in the main menu, allowing players to compare their skills over time. In addition, people can now customize their supporters in the stadium. Various adjustments have also been made to the balance sheet. All changes can be found in the patch notes.

Mario Strikers: Battle League came out for the Nintendo Switch last June. The game scored a 6.5 on “Mario Strikers: Battle League Football requires more skill than its predecessors to put the ball and the match in your own hand (or foot), but unfortunately this reduces the party game potential. If there had been more characters, game modes and playing fields, Battle League would still have been a great football game, but it falls terribly short in those areas.”

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