Microsoft still wants to get Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox

Xbox boss Phil Spencer still wants to make sure the mmo Final Fantasy 14 comes out on Xbox consoles.

He informed the Japanese Game Watch. Spencer already publicly stated in 2019 that he wanted to try to bring the game “to Xbox”. Spencer now says, “We did let you know at the time. We haven’t given up yet. A commitment has been made by both Microsoft and Square Enix and we will continue to do our best to make it happen.”

Square Enix announced in 2019 that there are obstacles in adding cross-play to FF14 on Xbox. These obstacles would have to be removed or bypassed before the game can appear on the platform. For example, it would be impossible for Xbox gamers to chat with players on other platforms. Also, people on different platforms would not be able to form a guild together.

Final Fantasy 14 has been playable for some time on PC and PlayStation 4, and is now also available on PlayStation 5.

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