MMO War Game Foxhole Gets 1.0 Version September 28th

After five years in beta, the 1.0 version of Foxhole will be released on September 28. The update comes with new gameplay elements such as flamethrowers, trains and player-built factories.

Foxhole is a top-down mmo where large groups of players wage war on servers that stay online for an extended period of time. Players engage in frontline fighting, building depots, and transporting goods to the front.

The 1.0 update is called Inferno and will include flamethrowers and new tanks. It also brings trains and train tracks to the game, allowing logistics players to bring goods and other players to the front via rails.

Earlier this year, a group of players went on strike against developer Siege Camp in-game. The group of logistics players did not agree with the way the game’s logistics were structured, mainly that it was taking too slow to maintain a war. After 49 days of strikes, Siege Camp released new updates to accommodate players.

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