More details about new Assassin’s Creed games given

Some more details about the newly announced Assassin’s Creed games have been released.

Last weekend, Ubisoft announced several Assassin’s Creed games. Assassin’s Creed Mirage, for example, will be released in 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and PC. The game takes place in Baghdad and revolves around Valhalla character Basim Ibn Ishaq. Gameplay is inspired by the first AC game.

Speaking to VGC, Ubisoft’s Marc-Alexis Cote shared more about the upcoming AC games, including Mirage. According to him, the game is the end of ‘Period 2’, which also includes Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla. “It was made with our Valhalla technology, but we want to provide a more intimate, focused experience and go back to our roots, to the Middle East… more stealth, more parkours, more combat in tight environments.”

Last weekend, more details were also given about Assassin’s Creed Infinity, the previously announced next installment in the franchise. This should become a hub of sorts for future AC adventures, and the first two experiences coming to this hub are Codename Red and Codename Hexe. The former is set in ancient Japan.

According to Cote, the game is being developed by Ubisoft Quebec and the creative director is Jonathan Dumont, much like AC Odyssey. Codename Red heralds ‘Period 3’ for the franchise. “It must be a change in technology and gameplay as we move fully into next-gen with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.” The game world needs to be more dynamic and adapt to the way gamers play. In addition, the animations also need to be improved.

Although there is no release window for Codename Red yet, Codename Hexe should come out sometime after that. “Ultimately, the game has to co-exist with Red. One of the things we’ve learned with Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla is that we don’t have to release an RPG every year. These games have a longer lifespan and can draw gamers’ attention to a hold for a longer period of time, especially if we continue to support them after release. Hexe should provide a different experience in terms of game structure.”

In addition, Ubisoft is also working on a standalone multiplayer experience in the form of Assassin’s Creed Invictus, which is being developed by multiplayer specialists who worked on For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege. According to Cote, the AC franchise has potential to explore different genres. “We’ve offered multiplayer experiences in the past, but it wasn’t hugely accessible.” That should change with Invictus, although there are still few details. Ubisoft plans to reveal more about this game later this fall. In any case, it is clear that Invictus must also be available within AC Infinity.

Finally, Ubisoft announced that it is working on two Assassin’s Creed mobile games: Codename Jade (“an AAA rpg action-adventure game for mobile phones” set in ancient China) and an AC game to be released via Netflix and possibly has to do with the upcoming series based on the franchise that Netflix is ​​working on.

Cote didn’t give many details about Codename Jade in the conversation with VGC – he also did not indicate whether the game is being developed together with Tencent. “We’ll be sharing more about how we’re working on the game with our partners in the future. At least we have an internal team working on it with our partner, so the game feels like an Assassin’s Creed game.”

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