Albon: ‘Learned from how Pérez and Verstappen work, structure and communicate’


Alexander Albon says he will bring his experience as a reserve driver of Red Bull Racing to Williams. Before his gap year, he only had experience as a driver in F1, so a year on the sidelines has offered him a new perspective. The Thai joins Formal1 on what this has meant to him personally.

“I learned a lot and watched how Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen work, structure the team and communicate with the engineers,” he told the German motorsport medium. In 2021, Albon often looked at the working method of the two drivers, who have more experience in F1 than himself. He says he learned a lot from that.

Of course, Albon was disappointed that he was not allowed to take a seat in that RB16B. Still, he does not see his year as a reserve driver as a wasted season. He explains: ‘I have had few flying hours in the car, but the people at Red Bull know a lot about the material.’ Albon spent a lot of time in Milton Keynes with the technical gentlemen of the stable.

“They know how to develop a fast car, and I take that to Williams,” he said. In 2022 he will join Nicholas Latifi at Williams. There he will therefore use the experience he gained at Red Bull to accommodate the development of the material. It is therefore not yet clear which of the two drivers will pull the cart with the team from Grove, the newcomer or the driver who has been there for a while.

Albon ‘more complete driver’ after year as a test driver at Red Bull Racing

Albon: ‘Next season I will be a more complete driver. My role within the team was to help, but that also helped me personally.’ For example, he indicates that he has done hundreds of test laps around the Grand Prix weekends in an attempt to save time for Pérez and Verstappen. It has therefore been stated by Verstappen that he certainly played a role in his 2021 world title.

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