Alonso fools around with Plooij and responds: ‘Justice for Verstappen’


Max Verstappen is Formula 1 world champion in 2021 and that makes for a lot of happy people. Including Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard also became world champion twice in his career, taking first place with Renault in both 2005 and 2006. So he knows all too well what it feels like to beat the competition. He also knows that happiness is simply part of this sport, he recognizes that happiness in Verstappen’s victory on the Yas Marina Circuit.

After the race, Alonso approached the microphone of Ziggo Sport with pit reporter Jack Plooij and immediately started playing with the Dutch interviewer. “I came here after the race and all the journalists were here and you were nowhere to be seen, you were praying in church in those last laps,” he says with a big smile on his face. Plooij says during the interview that five laps before the end he thought it was no longer in it for Verstappen. “You were optimistic then!” Alonso continues with a laugh.

Alonso: ‘Justice for Verstappen’

‘Without the safety car Lewis would have become champion and with the safety car Max would have become champion. So in that respect luck decided today, we have to be honest about that too.’ The two-time world champion has already indicated several times that Verstappen deserved the title and is therefore certainly not dissatisfied. “If you look at the other 22 races, he also had a lot of bad luck so maybe this was justice (for Verstappen, ed.)”

That luck came with the crash of Williams driver Nicholas Latifi. After a fight with Mick Schumacher’s Haas, the Canadian lost the back of his car and slammed into the wall. The safety car was sent onto the track while the Williams was cleared. All cars that were one lap behind were allowed to overtake the leaders, leaving room for one more full race lap. In that one lap, Verstappen overtook Hamilton at the first opportunity and then the Dutchman crossed the line first.

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