Alonso wants to participate in the front one more time in 2022: “There are no more excuses”


Fernando Alonso will no longer accept apologies from himself and his team, Alpine in 2022. The experienced Spaniard hopes to be able to participate at the front again after a long time in a difficult and unknown season for every team.

Alonso did not return to Formula 1 at the start of 2021 to just chug around the midfield of the grid. The man from Oviedo hopes to play a significant role in the world championship one more time and 2022 with all his new regulations is the ideal opportunity for the two-time world champion to return to the top with his former glory team.

Unknown situation

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In conversation with The Race, Alonso is already looking ahead to the new season. “We are in much better shape than we were in Bahrain in March. However, there are certainly a number of things we need to solve,” Alonso thinks. “The most important thing of all is that in February we have a car that is fast. However, that is an unknown situation for everyone,” he added.

No excuses

The two-time world champion and his team are in the dark, but have high hopes. “We have to close the engine gap. At the moment we can only have hope. But I understand that this hope is there for everyone. It is not just about us and it is completely unknown territory. Still, I am optimistic that we have the right using resources. There is no longer an infinite budget for everyone. Now it is up to us to build a good car. There are no more excuses. It is now up to us.”

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