AlphaTauri through mandatory FIA crash test for 2022


AlphaTauri has passed the FIA ​​crash test for 2022, the formation announced on Wednesday via social media. The Haas team announced at the end of December that it had already passed the inspection.

Formula 1 teams must subject the chassis to a series of tests by the FIA ​​before the start of each season before being approved to appear on the grid with the car. AlphaTauri’s AT03 and Haas’ VF-22 have now received the green light. “The first step for the ATO3 has been taken,” writes AlphaTauri. “While there is a lot going on at our factory in Faenza, we passed the crash test.”

Test centers

According to the Italian branch of, the new Ferrari chassis has also passed the crash test, although this has not yet been announced by the formation itself. These crash tests are conducted at three FIA-approved test centers: The Cranfield Impact Center in Great Britain, the Transport Research Laboratory in Great Britain and the CSI Laboratory in Milan, Italy. The chassis for the 2022 season has to pass a total of eighteen tests.

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