Alpine aims for changes at sprint race weekends: “VT2 is completely useless”


The sprint races in Formula 1 remain a topic of conversation. No fewer than six are scheduled for next season and Laurent Rossi, CEO at Alpine, particularly questions the points policy that is being pursued. The second free practice is also a hit.

Last season, the sprint race weekends were introduced for the first time in Formula 1. In such a weekend, training takes place on Friday morning, after which a qualifying session for the sprint race on Saturday is also held on Friday. Before this takes place, the second free practice sessions will be held on Saturday morning. The sprint race ultimately determines the starting grid for the actual race and the third free practice session is cancelled.

Distribution of points

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The concept will also return to the calendar in 2022, with no fewer than six weekends to be driven according to that format. According to Rossi, some adjustments still need to be made. “I would like to change the points system,” he tells GPFans, among others. “There should be more points for the top ten. It is abnormal that you can earn more points in the top ten in an unrun race at Spa than if you drive a sprint race of twenty laps and score nothing,” he argues. . “That doesn’t work, that has to change.”


Besides the points system, Rossi is not happy with the second free practice, which is still driven between qualifying and the sprint race. “These practices in the morning are useless. Nobody wants it, it’s totally useless. We wonder what we’re doing there at a time like that. All the drivers and teams just want to race at that moment and wonder what the point is But anyway, those are a few items on the agenda, I’m especially looking forward to the sprint race weekends,” he concludes.

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