Alpine parries media criticism: “Difficult to estimate for you as outsiders”


2021 was a year of ups and downs for the Alpine team. Despite the vicissitudes, it was all loud and clear to the team what was going on, even though the press often thought otherwise.

With Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso in the ranks, the French team had a more than good line-up for the 2021 season. Despite several tough weekends, that turned out fantastically at times. For example, we can remember the weekend in Hungary where the team showed its best side. Alonso asserted himself in one of the best fights of the year, alongside Lewis Hamilton, while Ocon himself eventually won the race.


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CEO Laurent Rossi looks back at on that particular day at the Hungaroring. “First we got Esteban in our team and we tried to get him in the best possible situation at the beginning of 2020. This year Fernando came back and it certainly took us four or five months again. We have made constant steps and in Hungary we have seen where that can lead. Of course there was also some luck and drama, but it fitted seamlessly with the progress we had made,” he looks back.

Alpine disagrees

Despite this, according to the media, volatility was the key to the French team, although according to Rossi this was not the case in private. “It may be more difficult for you as outsiders to estimate than for us, but actually our performance curve has been more linear than you might think. We knew quite well what to expect before the last races and have had the car throughout the year. better understood. I have to say right away that the biggest progress has been made through our execution, starting with how we could get the most out of both drivers,” he concludes,

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