Alpine: ‘Progress 2021 is encouraging for the future’


The steps Alpine has made are encouraging for the upcoming season, according to Marcin Budkowski. Alpine had a mixed year. With a victory for Esteban Ocon and a podium place for Fernando Alonso, the team is nevertheless satisfied with the progress. However, the Enstone team still has a big gap to close towards Ferrari and McLaren.

The team defeated AlphaTauri in the battle for fifth place in the constructors’ championship. Still, it didn’t come close to fighting for third place with Ferrari and McLaren. “We actually did very well. We have made strides both on the track and in development,” the Alpine director told

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The way the team has worked in 2021 and the progress at the factory are promising, according to Budkowski. In the background, a lot has changed within the team. There were shifts in management and the name change from Renault to Alpine last winter also had an impact. Budkowski thinks the changes are bearing fruit, even if this is not yet visible to the outside world.

Take chances

The Alpine director says the team has shown that it can deliver when the opportunities arise. “If you look at how we’ve raced almost the same engine for the past three years and haven’t changed the chassis and gearbox, we’ve had a good performance.”

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Looking ahead to the 2022 season, the Pole says the inconsistency needs to be addressed. “There were some races where we weren’t competitive enough. We don’t know what caused that. The new regulations and technical regulations offer possibilities for a full reset for Alpine, according to Budkowski. “There is a lot of hard work going on in the background on the car and the whole package to solve those problems. It looks promising,” said Budkowski.

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