Alpine wants to participate with top teams at the end of 2024: ‘Want to win races and possibly the championship’


Laurent Rossi thinks Alpine has a chance to join Formula 1’s top teams by the end of 2024. Alpine’s CEO is ambitious and thinks the team is strong in many areas. The aim is therefore to win a championship under the new regulations.

‘We are strong in many areas. We just need a competitive package,” said Alpine driver Fernando Alonso after the end of the Formula 1 season in 2021. The team finished fifth last season and seems to have found its way up. “We want to win races and possibly win the championship,” Rossi said, quoted by ‘By the end of 2024, early 2025 we want to compete with the top teams.’

Rossi: ‘It is not the case that we spend 200 million and they spend 500 million’

According to Rossi, it takes four or five years to create a top team. “We saw with Mercedes and Red Bull that it took them at least four or five years to create the team they wanted. So that’s the timeline we’re following.” The Frenchman thinks Alpine is ready to develop itself. ‘I think we have all the tools to create a successful environment. Everyone starts again with the same limitations.’

According to the CEO of Alpine, it will become easier to join the top teams. The budget cap makes the playing field more level for all teams. “It’s not like we spend 200 million and they spend 500 million.” At the moment, the teams are only allowed to spend 127 million euros each on the car. From 2023 to 2025, the budget ceiling will drop to 123 million euros. “For us, Formula 1 offers visibility to the world. It allows us to produce in countries that are important to us,” Rossi concludes.

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