Anderson puts money on Red Bull for 2022 because of Newey’s vision and dedication


Gary Anderson would go for Red Bull if he had to choose who will come up with the best solution to the new regulations. The Northern Irishman thinks Adrian Newey can best handle the creation of the new concept and believes the Milton Keynes team will show its best, although they still need to sort out the fuel problem. He sees an important role for Honda in this. He also relies on Red Bull’s development throughout the season.

Anderson writes on the site of The Race to put his money on Newey’s team. The vision and dedication of the Briton appeals greatly to the journalist, and he thinks that they are the best to come up with a solution. “If I put my money on who would find the best solution for a new chassis and aerodynamic regulations, it would be Red Bull. There’s a good reason it’s often said that Adrian Newey can “see” the airflow, even though I don’t agree with that statement. It’s certainly true that he has an inspiring vision and dedication to the concept,” he praises the team’s designer.

The expert does not expect that Newey will immediately look at how beautiful the car looks, but that the focus will initially be on efficiency and optimization of the return. ‘Adrian will be committed to a concept that does not initially look like it will yield returns, but understands that optimizing it is imminent. As I mentioned above, gut feeling still has a lot to do with the direction you initially go, even though it can sometimes be a little harder to prove it on paper,” Anderson said, indicating that not every decision has been thought out theoretically and that feeling certainly plays an important role in the development.

The journalist therefore believes that last season’s success has only given the designer and his team a greater boost. Newey and the team around him will be supported by the success of their Drivers’ Championship last year. If Sergio Perez can be in a stronger position, the Constructors’ Championship may be right around the corner.” Pérez had a mixed first year and had to settle for fourth place in the championship. He did not score enough points to win the constructors’ title together with Verstappen.

Relying on Red Bull’s strength

In particular, the Northern Irishman relies on the strength of the formation to develop during the season. So the start of the season does not have to be too promising in his eyes. “Red Bull may not start the season as strong as it would like, but as in the past it has the ability to use magic in terms of development,” Anderson said. “The cost cap will also affect Red Bull, but while it has spent countless dollars on F1, it’s not the biggest publisher, so it should be just a little easier to comply with these new regulations.”

Role reserved for Honda

Anderson sees a major role for Honda, despite the fact that the Japanese have decided to pull the plug on the F1 project after last season. “Honda will play a big part in that. Yes, it has withdrawn from F1 for 2022 and beyond, but it has put a lot of work into this year’s power unit package. Optimizing the engine for the new E10 fuel is no easy feat, but I’m pretty sure Honda will still be remotely involved after 2021’s success, or at least until it’s satisfied it’s doing its best. has done with the transfer process.’

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