Antonio Giovinazzi after Formula 1 exit: Ugly side


In mid-November it was clear: There was no more space for Antonio Giovinazzi at Alfa Romeo in 2022. The Italian reacted bitterly and now steps in: “You’re too powerless against money, that’s the ugly side of sport.”

It had been in the making for months, and in mid-November it was clear: Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi had got rid of his Formula 1 cockpit, in 2022 the Red and Whites will be competing in a new line-up – with Valtteri Bottas as the successor to Kimi Räikkönen and 22nd -year-old Guanyu Zhou from Shanghai for the often hapless Italian Giovinazzi.

Antonio, who participated in 62 Grands Prix at Alfa Romeo and Sauber from Australia 2017 to Abu Dhabi 2021, responded bitterly on Twitter: “Formula 1 is talent, car, risk, speed. But it can also be merciless when the rules are dictated by money. “

«I believe in big and small victories that are achieved through your own strength. I’m posting my first photo here, showing it in a Formula 1 racing car. The last one hasn’t been shot yet. “

Antonio achieved fifth place as the best result in Formula 1 in the Chaos GP of Brazil in 2019, and in 2021 he was 18th in the World Cup.

Giovinazzi continued his career in Formula E as the driver of Jay Penske’s Team Dragon, where he drives alongside the former McLaren reservist Sérgio Sette Câmara.

Now the southern Italian follows. In the Italian daily Corriere della Sera he speaks of “my best season”. When asked by our colleague Daniele Sparisci how much it hurts when you realize that dedication and willingness to make sacrifices for money are not enough, Giovinazzi says: “Keeping my place was a challenge I couldn’t master. That’s the ugly side of our sport, even if it has always been that way. After all, I was able to realize my dream from the simplest of circumstances and become a Formula 1 driver. “

When it became clear that he would no longer get a regular seat, Giovinazzi felt “a huge disappointment. Those were very difficult months. I was being talked about more and more. I tried to push that away from me, it wasn’t easy. But I’m happy with the way I reacted. I can leave Formula 1 with my head held high. “

“Guanyu Zhou is lucky to see the support he is getting in China. Even if he fought for the necessary points for the Formula 1 super license himself. But it’s true – today racing drivers determine the financial policy of racing teams. I’m not the only pilot who has lost his place like that. “

In 2022 Antonio will keep one foot in the doorway to Formula 1 as a reservist for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Haas. Giovinazzi says: “This is not an adieu, this is a goodbye. While I’m driving in Formula E with Dragon, I have big tasks ahead of me at Ferrari. This team gave me everything. “

When asked whether he felt betrayed by Alfa Romeo, the Italian said: «Why should you have done that? I don’t know and I don’t want to think about it either. I just wanted to get as many points as possible. In Mexico I burst my collar: I was unhappy after that race because our strategy meant that I couldn’t get what I was able to do. But none of that counts anymore today. “

Giovinazzi also has fond memories: «Kimi Räikkönen was the ideal stable companion. For me it was always a little unreal – I drive next to the driver, whom my father and I watched while sitting in front of the television in 2007, how he becomes world champion with Ferrari. Kimi was always open and fair and very important for my development as a racing driver. “

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