‘Audi and Porsche’s entry into Formula 1 is almost complete’


Over the past year there have been regular rumors that the Volkswagen Group is very interested in an entry into Formula 1. The German car group would see the new engine regulations of 2026 as an interesting moment to enter the premier class and that more and more signs point to that this will actually happen. Audi has already sent a letter to Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali and former FIA president Jean Todt thanking both authorities for their cooperation in the negotiations on the new engine regulations. With the approval of the new engine formula by the World Motor Sport Council, the entry of the Ingolstadt brand seems a step closer.

But it is possible that not only Audi will enter Formula 1. CAR Magazine reports that it is almost certain that both Audi and Porsche will take the step to the class in 2026. However, the agreement still has to be approved by the supervisory board of the VW Group. According to the plans, both brands will enter as an engine supplier and will not set up their own factory team. Instead, it looks at collaborations with already existing teams. Audi would join forces with McLaren, while Porsche opts for Red Bull Racing. The Austrian formation said goodbye to Honda at the end of 2021 and will take the engines under its own management until 2025.

Earlier there were rumors that Audi had taken over the McLaren Group, something that was denied by McLaren at the time. Still, the two companies appear to be in talks about such a takeover, with both the entire racing team and the sports car manufacturer coming into German hands. Reportedly, the lawyers of both parties are now in talks and McLaren’s major shareholder Mumtalakat Holding Company is not unsympathetic to a takeover. The Bahrain investment fund is said to be willing to sell the loss-making car manufacturer. Audi, in turn, would like to trump competitor BMW in the battle for McLaren Cars.

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