Ben Sulayem Addresses Controversy: “Rules Written by Humans, Not Gods”


New-fangled FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem will start working on the regulations of Formula 1. The man from Dubai is responding to the controversy that has arisen after the end of the previous Formula 1 season.

The final races of the 2021 season caused some hot weeks in the FIA ​​office and race management. Mercedes and Red Bull pulled out all the stops to take the world title and that caused the necessary controversies. In particular, the decisions surrounding the last round in Abu Dhabi caused a lot of raised eyebrows and frustration at Mercedes and Toto Wolff. Lewis Hamilton has not even been heard from to this day.

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Shortly after the season, Ben Sulayem was named the new FIA president as Jean Todt’s last term expired. He immediately had a big problem on his plate, as there are calls for changes in the regulations from different teams. “I have studied all the facts. We have a dynamic spirit and the rules will therefore have to be dynamic. The rules will always have to be improved,” the new president told various Spanish media.


He continues his speech. “The development of motorsport is very fast and you always have to respond to that. We prefer to be proactive than react. Decisions are made to move forward, without pressure from others. However, that does not mean that we do not analyze the rules and afraid to make the necessary changes,” says Ben Sulayem. “The rules are written by people, not by gods. That means they should also be developed by people,” he concludes poetically.

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