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The Formula 1 season is almost over and next weekend after the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi it will be announced who can crown themselves as world champion. Will it be Lewis Hamilton who won the last three races or Max Verstappen who took the victory in Abu Dhabi last year? It promises to be exciting during the season finale.

For the third time in a row Hamilton has the best papers to win. He also seems to be the obvious winner in Abu Dhabi with odds of 1.50. That would mean Hamilton would also take the world title. Verstappen has a odds of 2.87 but will undoubtedly not have given up yet. Only Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Pérez come close to the two title candidates. The Finn has odds of 15.00 and the Mexican has odds of 29.00.

Can Gasly surprise during qualifying?

The seven-time world champion also has the best papers for pole position. If you think Hamilton will be fastest in qualifying, you will get 1.72 times your stake back. Of course, Verstappen always knows how to get the most out of his car and could also start from pole position. He has odds of 3.00. Should there still be a surprise from a driver who does not drive for Red Bull or Mercedes, it seems that Pierre Gasly will be. In recent weeks he managed to surprise during the qualification and if you bet on him you get 67.00 times your bet back.

If it is true that Verstappen and Hamilton end up next to the track together, the world title will still go to the Dutchman. Of course, this leaves room for surprises. Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris could just be on the podium as the winner. Both have odds of 81.00. Leclerc can also come out as a surprise during qualifying. Like Gasly, he has performed well in this session in recent weeks and, like the Frenchman, has odds of 67.00.

Will Verstappen win in Abu Dhabi? Bet and get 2.87 times your stake back?

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