Bottas impressed with Hamilton’s work ethic: “He manages to improve every year”


Valtteri Bottas says goodbye to Mercedes after five years. In the most dominant car on the field, he had to compete with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who during this time turned out to be a size too big for the Finn. In conversation with the official Formula 1 website, Bottas shares about his time at Mercedes and his admiration for Hamilton, who got better every year.

Provided Hamilton extends his contract, he will go for his eighth world title of his career in 2022. With the best car on the field, the Briton clinched the championships, something Bottas failed to do. ‘What Lewis (Hamilton, ed.) is doing is so impressive. Every year he continues to develop, despite the fact that he has been driving in Formula 1 for so long.” Bottas also developed during his time with the German racing stable, but his teammate’s work ethic made a big impression.

‘Of course I have also developed as a driver. That doesn’t happen automatically, but with Lewis I am amazed every time. He has so much experience in this sport, yet he manages to grow every year. He works very hard for it.’ Thanks in part to this work ethic, Hamilton has already broken many records and many more will follow. “I have no doubts about that,” said the Finnish driver.

‘I have learned a lot from him’

In 2022, Bottas will no longer appear at Hamilton’s side, but with the Alfa Romeo team. In his years at Mercedes, the Finn has learned a lot and now he can use this experience at his new employer. “I’ve learned a lot from my time with Lewis. For example, in terms of driving style, adjustment and many small things that come in handy. I expect a stronger Lewis for next year. He will never take it easy, even if he drives far ahead of everyone else. That’s very impressive.’

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