Bottas: That impressed him with Lewis Hamilton


From 2017 onwards, Valtteri Bottas was Lewis Hamilton’s teammate. The Finn was able to learn many things – one thing particularly impressed him.

From 2017 to 2021, Valtteri Bottas was Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate at Mercedes. During this time the Finn helped win five constructor titles. Hamilton won the driver’s title four times (with the exception of 2021), Bottas basically had no chance against the Briton all these years.

From 2022 Bottas will drive for Alfa Romeo, and will take a lot with him despite the defeat against Hamilton. “What is really impressive about Lewis is that he has developed every year,” said Bottas at formula.1com.

«He has so much experience in Formula 1, but he was still able to learn more and get better and better. Certainly I’ve developed as a driver every year, but Lewis has that too, and it doesn’t come automatically. He works for it because he knows that the competition is getting tougher, ”said Bottas.

He definitely learned a lot of things from Hamilton, “when driving, when setting up, a lot of little things here and there,” said Bottas.

Bottas continues: “But it is simply impressive that he can still develop and never make himself too comfortable. He always wants more of himself and the team around him, so it’s the same every year – he just keeps getting better. “

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