Brawn will leave Formula 1 in 2022, it is still unclear who will succeed him


Formula 1 director Ross Brawn will step down from his position in 2022, reports based on an internal document. His departure has been rumored in the paddock for some time, but now it will become official. He also takes technical director Pat Symonds with him.

Brawn has been affiliated with Formula 1 since early 2017, after Liberty Media completed the takeover. Before that, Brawn worked for teams such as Mercedes and Ferrari. After Brawn was brought in, the organization ended up with Symonds. In the technical department he worked on new regulations.

Brawn introduced sprint races

Furthermore, Brawn has taken care of the introduction of the sprint races. Symonds, on the other hand, has again focused on the engine regulations for 2026. A decision on this will be made shortly and that will therefore also be Symonds’ last big job.

Brawn and Symonds came to this decision after Formula 1’s technical development team moved to the FIA, causing Symonds to lose a large part of its workforce. It is not yet known who will be Brawn’s successor.

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