Brown on title fight: “Haven’t seen anything like this ‘toxic’ since Senna and Prost”


McLaren CEO Zak Brown looks back on a great Formula 1 season, but also saw a ‘toxic’ fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The two title contenders had an intense season, fighting for every inch.

The war was not only on the track, but also off the track. Christian Horner and Toto Wolff regularly clashed and protested. It contributed to the battle for the world title, which was ultimately decided on the track.

Toxic Battle

Other team bosses also enjoyed the fight for the world championship. Brown told “It was a great year from start to finish. We had a lot of stories, starting with the battle between Lewis and Max for the title.” That battle lasted until the last Grand Prix and mud was thrown all year round: “I haven’t seen anything like this ‘toxic’ between two drivers and teams since Senna and Prost.”

Never been so exciting

For Brown, there was not really a clear favorite all season: “At first we thought Mercedes would win. Then Max dominated again for a while.” It also created tension among the team bosses of Red Bull and Mercedes: “They absolutely hated each other.” It therefore bodes well for the future, according to the McLaren team boss: “I don’t believe F1 has ever been so exciting. And I believe next year will be even better.”

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