Brown satisfied with Seidl’s performance: “He runs the race team, that’s his show”


McLaren CEO Zak Brown is very pleased with the performance of McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl. According to Brown, the McLaren team boss is currently the best in his position in Formula 1. The German joined McLaren in 2019 and since then the performance of the British racing stable has only improved.

“He took a lot of pressure off my shoulders and put that pressure on his own shoulders,” Brown is quoted as saying by Motorsport Magazin. In 2019 McLaren took fourth place and that was surprising. In 2020 McLaren was then third and in 2021 the team was fourth again after losing a close battle with Ferrari. “He has done an excellent job and I think he is the best team principal in Formula 1.

Brown: ‘The cooperation between Andreas and me is excellent’

Brown has helped improve structure at McLaren and the results show it. The collaboration with Seidl has been going very well so far: “He runs the race team, that’s his show. The cooperation between Andreas and me is excellent. We complement each other.’ The McLaren CEO also says that Seidl is boosting the morale of the team. “We have a lot of fun together and I think the combination of good performance and having fun is good for the results we get.”

Although the German team boss of McLaren has had an influence on the results of the second most successful Formula 1 team, Brown also gives credit to the other employees of the team. “We have all the people where they need to be,” says the 50-year-old CEO. “They are very dedicated and fully committed to the team. I am happy with all people. Both the drivers and the team boss, engineers and the car designers.’

McLaren wants to compete for title again

McLaren is very satisfied with last season’s fourth place, but the team from Woking wants more. The goal is still to fight for the world title again in the future. “We have set our goal to get closer to the top. When we look back on 2021, we can say that we had a very successful year. We have to build on this and hopefully in a few years we can compete for the title.’

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