Brown wants a better title fight: ‘Four contenders in the last race is the goal’


Zak Brown does not expect one team to be dominant in Formula 1 next season. Some people within the sport have expressed fears about a dull year, with one stable being the dominant force. Brown expects that one team may have the upper hand in the opening stages of the season, but that the other teams will quickly follow suit. In addition, the American hopes that several drivers will compete for the world title.

Next season the teams will be subject to change of the regulations. Stefano Domenicali and Nikolas Tombazis have already indicated that the field would be a lot closer together. Brown, CEO of McLaren, also expects this goal to be achieved. “It will really surprise me if one team is faster than the rest for a whole season,” he says at

The sport last experienced a major rule change in 2014. The Mercedes team ultimately managed to take advantage of this, as a result of which the team is now the constructors’ champion for the eighth time in a row. However, the German racing stable saw the hegemony of Lewis Hamilton be broken by Max Verstappen. Brown doesn’t think Mercedes’ dominance will be matched. “We will see winners, losers and surprises, but not a dominant team.”

Brown wants exciting title fight

This year the world championship was finally again between two drivers from different teams. The CEO of McLaren hopes the fight will be expanded next season. “This year the battle between different drivers has been fantastic. With the new regulations, I hope that next season will be even better. It would be great if we arrive in Abu Dhabi with three or four more contenders. That’s the ultimate goal,” Brown said.

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